Internet Businesses

Note: Beware of cheap Internet access. Slow connections are common. Some of "the best deals" which offer a lot of on-line time for a little bit of money do not work well. You may have a fast 56 kbps modem connection, but the Internet service provider (ISP) may be overloaded and the connection may seem slow, sometimes very slow. Other problems occur, too.

To date, my best experience has been with Internet Thailand, especially their "Gold" service. My second best experiences have been with Loxinfo, KSC and CS Internet. My experience with a few others has not been consistent -- sometimes good, sometimes poor.

Name Location Goods and services offered

Main road, betw. soi 40 and 44, tel/fax 373-6232

Internet "office" cafe with 6 basic workstations, laser printer, color printer, scanner, fax. Customers can use the premises just like any other Internet cafe, but emphasis is on office functionality. No games. Tutoring of customers is common. Has a library of computer books, too. The owners also provide website design services, and outside consulting ranging from top notch professional business clients to simple home users. Small shop area for clients (workshop behind the scenes), restaurant outside.

Internet and Games

Main road at soi 20, by lake 2-A's park. Tel. 373-9409

Internet cafe with restaurant inside. For games, this is the best place. State of the art computers. Gamers can play against each other -- LAN games. Has a young staff member very familiar with Internet in Thailand. Little English.

White Board

Main road, before soi 2

Internet cafe with restaurant, "idea club and fusion foods", this place has the most sophisticated ambiance. Designed by talented artist Prasit Mukdamanee, with contemporary artwork all around, and full bodied stereo playing popular music. If you want to relax in a place with nice energy and ambiance, this is the place. Staff are courteous, though practically unskilled at Internet, and no English.

If I've missed any other Internet cafes in the village, please let me know.