Supermarkets and Minimarts

There are supermarkets on Sukhaphiban 3 Rd., such as the 24-hour Seiyu supermarket located less than half a kilometer from Sammakorn, and Carrefour a couple of kilometers away. There's also a supermarket in the Premier shopping center, though it's slid since 1997 and most people go ahead and enter Sukhaphiban 3 Rd. for Seiyu. One of the best chains of Foodland is on nearby Lad Prao, open 24 hours. Sammakorn has a lot of convenience stores located inside, some pretty large, plus a fresh food market. However, to do complete grocery shopping you have to go outside the Mu Ban, usually to Seiyu. The best convenience store in Sammakorn, in my opinion, is the Sumco Supermart (see below). None of the other ones inside Sammakorn are listed because they have not responded to our flyer to date.

Name Location Kind of supermarket

 Lemon Farm

Sukhaphiban 3 Rd., directly across from the Sammakorn entrance at 112

Lemon Farm is a large health food store. This branch is located near the Lemon Green petrol station. Very charming place. No meat. Aerobics exercise in front in the late afternoon, with approximately 50 to 100 participants typical.

Sumco Supermart

Main road, on angle between 112 and 110 entrances

Large convenience store, open until 2:00am.

A Minimart

Main road, soi 21 corner

Small convenience store on main road across from lake, plenty of space for parking