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Beauty clinics

Cars / Automotive

Cartoon books


Computer sales, repairs, upgrades


Fishing accessories - under construction



Home improvement and repairs

Internet - cafes, websites, connections


Newspapers, magazines, books

Pet shops, pets, street dog help, wildlife


Plastic surgery


Supermarkets and convenience stores

Translation services - English/Thai

Listed Alphabetically by Name of Shop or Company

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Name Location Goods and services offered
21 Center Point

Main road, soi 21 corner, tel/fax 729-5246

Newspapers, magazines, photocopy, word processing, translation - English/Thai, specialty drinks, home improvement and repairs

A Minimart

Main road, soi 21 corner

Convenience store on main road across from lake, plenty of space for parking

Electrical Grounding

Main road, between sois 40 and 44, tel/fax 373-6232, ask for Prapan

Proper grounding eliminates electrical shocks, e.g., electric cooking appliances, clothes washing machines, hot water showers. Also protects computers.

Gem Bright

Premier shopping center

Car cleaning, tune-ups, mechanical work.


First shop at entrance (112)

Mainly used and new golf clubs, but also bags, shoes and other accessories.

Good Terrace

Lake 2-B, soi 24

Scenic lakeside restaurant; features fine wines and plays historical American, Italian, Spanish, French and British music from the 1940s to 1970s.

Grace Beauty Clinic

Lake 2-B, corner of soi 20

A sophisticated beauty clinic operated by a medical doctor and offering beauty products and services. Located next door to the Neo Plastic Surgery Center. Website under construction.

Internet and Games

Main road at soi 20, by lake 2-A's park. Tel. 373-9409

For games on PCs, this is the best place. State of the art computers, AMD Athlon. Gamers can play against each other -- LAN games. Has a young staff member very familiar with Internet in Thailand. Little English. Internet cafe with restaurant inside.

The Language House

Soi 4

The Language House teaches English to people of all ages. Includes TOEFL exam preparation.

 Lemon Farm

Sukhaphiban 3 Rd., directly across from the Sammakorn entrance at 112

Lemon Farm is a large health food store. This branch is located near the Lemon Green petrol station. Very charming place. No meat. Aerobics exercise in front in the late afternoon, with approximately 50 to 100 participants typical.

(Not our website)

Mix Pet Shop

Main road, soi 21 corner, tel. 398-7803 #3 PCT

Fish, fish tanks and decorations, water and air pumps, dog food, cat food, bird food, other pet food, pet accessories.

Neo Plastic Surgery Center

Main road, across from Lake 2-A, corner of soi 20

A plastic surgery center -- cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.


Main road, between sois 40 and 44, tel/fax 372-1711

Thai-English and English-Thai translations. Penny went to school and lived in Seattle, Washington, for 9 years.

Rattanakosin Sok 109

Near Sammakorn, corner of Sukhaphiban 3 and Min Pattana

Created by an artist, with outside and inside dining, acoustic guitar musician, and an art gallery.


Main road, corner of soi 31

A 3-zone restaurant which stands out with its fresh fish and professional service. Features fine wines and a musician in zone 2.

Sammakorn Car Care

Across from soi 1

Mechanical and electrical work.

"Sammakorn Dot Com"

Main road, betw. soi 40 and 44, tel/fax 373-6232

Sammakorn Dot Com owns and operates this website. Also has an Internet office cafe with 6 workstations, laser printer, color printer, scanner, fax. Computer repairs and upgrades, new computers, LAN cabling, consulting.


Soi 26

Sammakorn Public Company Limited manages our village

(Not our website.)

Sasi - The Bakery Cafe

Main road, on angle between 112 and 110 entrances

International and Thai restaurant, with fresh coffee and desserts made daily

Sumco Supermart

Main road, on angle between 112 and 110 entrances

Open until 2:00am.


Between sois 1 and 2, next to VDO shop

Shelves of cartoon books you can rent. Has four TV-based game stations in the back.

Swiss Corner

Near entrance (112), corner of soi 3

Real European food, not Thai variant. Swiss chef, owner, resident above.


Corner of soi 2

Clothes made to order, for ladies and gentlemen

White Board

Main road, before soi 2

Internet cafe with restaurant, "idea club and fusion foods".

Win Steakhouse

Main road, 110 entrance, near soi C3

Sammakorn's only karaoke restaurant. Website under construction. Restaurant opened April 1.

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