Sammakorn is famous for its scenic and diverse restaurants, which are located deep within Sammakorn, most of them around the third lake. In fact, the majority of people who go to the main restaurants do not live in Sammakorn!

People who live in Sammakorn have so many restaurants to choose from that, if they wanted, they could eat at a different restaurant each day and not need to leave the village for weeks.

However, Sammakorn is a big place, and some of the lower profile restaurants can be missed.

This page will list restaurants, menus, styles, and their locations, with some photos of each.

Featured Restaurants

Tabulated List of Restaurants


Featured Restaurants

Swiss Corner - European food, with Swiss chef and owner who lives above the restaurant. Banquet room for 50 guests.

Good Terrace - a scenic lakeside restaurant on soi 24. Features fine wines and plays historical American, Italian, Spanish, French and British music from the 1940s to 1970s.

Ruenros - 3-zone restaurant with fresh fish and professional service with meticulous quality. Musician in zone 2. Owned & operated by a restaurant college teacher and one of his students.

Win Steakhouse - opens March 31, Sammakorn's only Karaoke restaurant!

Sasi - The Bakery Cafe, features a wide range of international and Thai food, as well as homemade cakes and desserts.

Rattanakosin Sok 109 -near Sammakorn, created by an artist, with outside and inside dining, acoustic guitar musician, and an art gallery.

Tabulated List of Restaurants

Name Location Air / Patio
Comparative style Website

Swiss Corner
Near entrance (112), corner of soi 3 Inside a/c Real European food, not Thai variant. Swiss chef, owner, resident above.

Good Terrace
Lake 2-B, side soi 24 Lake patio and inside a/c American Jazz, Country, Latin, 1940-1970

Main road, soi 31 Inside a/c Nice decor, professional service

Win Steakhouse
Main Road from 110, near C3 Inside a/c New restaurant, opened April 1, Sammakorn's only karaoke restaurant

Sasi - The Bakery Cafe
Across from tennis courts Inside a/c International and Thai food, desserts

Rattanakosin Sok 109
Near Sammakorn, corner Suk. 3 & Min Pattana Outside and inside Created by an artist, art gallery, acoustic guitar
Steak Lao Lake 2-B, main road Lake patio and inside a/c Large place, spicy food
but not our website.
Empty restaurant website,
little info, not good. Compare!
No response to our ad.
Krua Thai Lake 2-B, main road Lake patio and inside a/c Large, quiet, photo menu, sushi new No website, and...
No response to our ad.
Hot Chili Lake 2-B, main road Lake patio and inside a/c   No website, and...
No response to our ad.
(Was Bang Jazz)
Beer Sohdt Lake 2-B, main road Lake patio, outside only Pop music Closed, new owner coming.
Olarn Steakhouse Main road, soi 33 Roadside patio and inside a/c Small, pleasant, economical No website, and...
No response to our ad.
Suan Krua Lake 2-A Lake patio and inside a/c   No website, and...
No response to our ad.
Suan Krua 2 Lake 2-B Lake patio and inside a/c   No website, and...
No response to our ad.
Riverside Steakhouse Main road, across from Lake 2-A Inside, no a/c Reggae music, may change No website, and...
No response to our ad.

We have attempted to contact all restaurants.

"No response to our ad" means that we visited their restaurant and gave them our flyer. If we did not meet the owner, then we confirmed from the staff that their owner or manager had received it. Those who said "no" were taken down already from this list of advertisers, in all fairness to those who did advertise. The rest who don't respond by the end of April will come down, too, except perhaps Steak Lao since they already have a website and thus have a reason ... and also to show a poor website by a competitor which is not persuasive or engaging. But you can be the judge of that! Compare websites!

Please feel free to contact us